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It’s New! It’s Hot! It’s . . . Catalog 228!

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Catalog 228 Summer 2015 –
well, it’s been several new seasons – more green than white today – winter lingered, sped to summer, backpedaled to spring – very new England, but global climate may be going there – more extremes faster – crocus, daffodil, tulip, lilac, all come + gone, iris, peony, buddleia in bloom – ground bit hard then wet to till ‘til time to head to shows in Allentown + Wilmington – they came + went more or less as expected – garden plots now tilled – Amherst plot nearly planted – potatoes, onions, corn coming along, many tomato, eggplant + zucchini starts getting acclimated – carrot, beet, radish seedlings up – montague plot showing peas, lettuce, peppers – rhubarb planted last year – putting in new fencing there to dissuade groundhog + deer – dry early spring, but raining now – many seedlings on porch here waiting for transplanting – last summer’s stores gone – local asparagus plentiful – repaired holy window screens – spent day at 40th college reunion – family college + high school graduations – zach made brief visit after annual boston area celebration – spending week in Israel visiting friends – starts year 2 radiology residency on return – all well on that front – got 2 cords of firewood to stack for next winter – just back from celebrating edie’s birthday in Greenwich, ny – bike’s in the shop, but rode backup today in between rains – we’ll be setting up shop at the conference of the library history roundtable of the American library association at simmons college on Saturday, august 1 in the afternoon, then at papermania in Hartford on august 22-3 –

herein you’ll find large gathering of anti-Catholic/nativist books acquired while back from longtime bookseller roger harris, new englandiana in bennington, modern architecture from Ronald Goodfellow, commercial fishing titles third-hand from George Bryant of Provincetown, cooking, college yearbooks, aviation, trade catalogs, the usual , the unusual – we’ve tried to keep it interesting + send in hopes you will agree –

at your service –


cover: item 502


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