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Catalog 254 – Just Acting Normal

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well, file file last updated 4 months ago – got a pair of pfizers – you? – mass has relaxed, but federal post office continues mask mandate – stop & shop strongly suggests – virus numbers way down – vaxx obstinacy likely to preclude national herd immunity – online orders finally chilling – finally stole ‘nuff time to flesh 254 –pandemic projects stumble onward – still sorting American textile history museum backlog – others await – keeping part-time zen cataloger Krista employed – shelving great old unsold by inventory number – new shelving nearly full – seasons proceed apace – usual new England whackiness enhanced by global thing – nineties Monday, hardly half Tuesday – drought Wednesday, monsoon Thursday – windy, too – wardrobe changes, extra blanket as needed – interventional radiologist son now cohabitating in corning with pandemic romance partner – bookseller buddy edie’s owl pen in Greenwich, ny for sale – hundred conserved acres, 200 year old farmhouse, bookstore in former chicken barn – consider – special reciprocal shout-out to customer and friend wendy woloson whose ‘crap – history of cheap stuff in america’ abetted by yours truly – ventured to concord, nh first june weekend for ‘live’ bookfair – saw some longtime unseen faces, bought, sold – others await – garden nearly planted – spinach, lettuce, turnip greens, volunteer cilantro already eaten, pea plants attacked by skinny bunnies or crows but producing – other crops gaining green – so here’s 254 – motley masi mix – always few months behind, always scrambling to send to printer – new bike awaits test ride – will trade old stuff for smartphone lessons – with all faults, and my best regards –

at your service –


cover: item 18 by Rudolf Modley


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