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Prince Prospero’s Pretty Playtitudes.

well, file file last updated 3 months ago – covid numbers climbing again – postal workers unmasked, customers mostly masking – nearby towns mandate masks indoors – vaxx obstinacy constantly confounds, consternates  – ventured to two live fairs – concord in june when virus seemed concluding – papermania in august when rebounding – some somewhat hostile outing of unvaxxed colleagues at latter – is this who we are? – are we better than this? – strange summer in so many ways – northeast version of whacky weather future brought lots of water – bit much for leaky cellar, veg garden at foot of hill – blights, molds, mosquitoes had marvelous season – ditto rabbits able to squeeze through wire grid fence – salvaged salad greens, escarole, chard, kale, collards, summer squashes, cucumbers, basil, tomatoes, eggplants, onions, peppers, but were constant not-pretty battle – dug decent crop Yukon gold, Kennebec potatoes – replanted beans, some late corn – dozen pumpkins – winter squash vines croaked before producing – managed most summer faves – tomato sandwich, gazpacho, tomato-basil pasta sauce, salsa – canned few quarts, pickled some cukes, froze some pesto – picked raspberries in backyard, blueberries at kenburn, mackintoshes at Clarkdale – usual summer encampments from port Richmond colleague, few brief encounters with zach + lauren, bi-weekly jaunts to edie’s in Greenwich where owl pen still on market, turned sixty-something here, barbecue for two with edie – sunlight shrinking, temps cooling, summer fleeting – got 3 cords firewood stacked, stacking fourth – gotta clean chimney, get furnace serviced – hoping to exhibit at Allentown paper show October 2-3, Boxboro October 24, Northampton December 3-4 – and in his spare time – few rides on new trek fx1, load of laundry, trash + recycling out, catalog 255 – more motley masi mix – with all faults, and best regards – at your service – cover: item 155 –



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