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Hello Catalog 213 – July, 2011

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well – this file last modified 4/6/2011 – lilacs have bloomed & browned – daffodils too – day away from summer solstice – furnace off, dehumidifiers on – 2 cords of wood stacked for next winter, 2 more await – basic new England weather platter with a tendency towards more rain than usual – stretch of may days in nineties then sixties in day & forties at nite – tornado hit half hour south of here – springfield, Wilbraham, monson – tilled the garden in april & got few things planted – peas, spinach, beets, greens – still facing seriously depleted soil issues & town won’t provide combination for lock on the cable – been hauling in buck-a-bucket compost from umass – has not provided the desired nutritional boost – poor germination & lackluster growth – pushed ahead & put tomatoes & peppers in memorial day weekend – they just sat there then started to yellow – feller at Hadley garden center said fertilize – been putting on some fishy concoction & holding my nose & crossing my fingers – Amherst plot bout 80 percent planted now – potatoes looking happiest – onions ok, arugula ok – collards & corn coming along – meanwhile talked to neighbor bout planting in her back yard where former tenant had a vegetable garden – new project – just what i need – got the tiller – figgered would put in beans, squashes, brassicas which have not survived recent insect attacks in Amherst – choicest spots claimed by chris & current tenant – remaining soil bit shallow here & muddy there but we pressed ahead – so did local very hungry woodchuck – tried trap & girls tried gun – finally put up 200’ of fence – beans & squash now coming along there – put in many brassica seedlings – dozen eggplant starts discovered by hungry flea beetles – tossed those & replanted in Amherst – zach just finished year 3 at ducom – takes some major national exam this week then dad will visit & help him break camp in manayunk prefatory to year 4 which begins in july after brief break here – series of 4-week hospital rounds, mostly in orthopedic surgery, his intended specialty – Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Carolina, new jersey, &c – mariab met at museum of printing history in north andover in april – tour with curator frank romano, lunch & business – easter with masis in Amesbury – Allentown paper show then on to mariab sponsored boston book & paper exposition – it went well – promoter did a fine job – good publicity, nice lineup of talks & exhibits, over eighty dealers (not average age, tho that was high too), bout 750 in attendance – will be on may 5 next year – posted notice of catalog 212 on facebook which prompted invitation from former new England bookseller jim hinck to post on his favored search site vialibri which prompted college buddy, it whiz & host all things acoustic on Alabama public radio Jeremy butler to handhold me through creating wordpress blog website – – visitors welcome & thanks to helpers – this will be there soon – shared my experience with edie b who now has wordpress site for her owl pen books & achieved some enviable exposure recently from the itinerant traveler in the Washington post – heavy traffic from dc to Greenwich ny – basic mixed bag here – stock from recent shows & auctions & passed-over piles from other recent cataloging binges – still plenty about for several more – plus recent deaccession from American textile history museum – hope you find something – thanks for reading – gotta get pdfs to eagle, finish planting garden, move enough boxes of books out of zach’s room for visit – Elizabeth auction tonite . . .

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