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Melting Pot of Pamphlets . . . . Catalog 248, August, 2019

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well, file last updated 5/1 – it’s summer – shaved off winter hat – fans & dehumidifiers humming – garden mostly planted – finally acquired & installed solar electric ‘border wall’ to exclude unwanted herbivores – snow peas exceeded 7’ bamboo stakes, folded & headed back south – big crop – plenty of rhubarb – few beds of salad greens, beets & turnips – picked first zucchini – tomatoes, summer squash, green beans, cucumbers, kale, collards, escarole running late – tried peppers & eggplants in sector with suboptimal soil & they’re not happy about it – picked strawberries at warner farm in sunderland – spent weekend visiting zach in Gainesville – hiked, biked, kayaked – saw alligators, armadillos, limpkins, herons, egrets, palms, live oaks, spanish moss, ate collards, okra, sweet potato, pecan, barbecue & local brew – his fellowship ended – just helped him move into rented house in corning, ny – work at Guthrie medical as interventional radiologist begins august 1 – visited edie for june birthday – owl pen open for season – constant threat of backlog escalation on homefront with everybody downsizing & ditching & dying – herein modest effort to reverse flow – heavy on pamphlets – strove for diversity of subject matter – we eagerly await your verdict – at your service –


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