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A plethora of diverse pamphlets . . . .

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March, 2018 – even longer days, even more pamphlets

well, this file last updated February 5 – it’s February 26 – serious cataloging binge inspired by upcoming ephemera society show – ephemera 38, hyatt regency hotel, old Greenwich, Connecticut, march 17-8 – usual back of the hall berth – little life news to report – more rain than snow, which has been ephemeral – more milder days – one in 70s – gave woodstove a break – few squashes & onions in storage, canned tomatoes, pickles, frozen pesto –

profoundly saddened by sudden death of colleague ian Jackson of Berkeley, California, 18 february – always visited on California trips – great wit, storyteller & wonderfully informed bookseller, author of highly amusing ‘key to serendipity’, ‘den of book jackals’, ‘chamberpot & m2th5rf8ck: price-codes of book trade’, enviably perceptive & touching obituaries (Bernard Rosenthal, eric korn, russ Johansson, cesi kellinger), issued series of ‘cedules’ (broadsheet book lists), including 2-3 ‘exercices de style’, written in parody of other booksellers (see cedule 2, #4 ‘cataloged in the style of peter masi’), most recent holiday card replete with footnotes, his reply to my announcement that SNEAB would supersede MARIAB was hysterically good, even reviewed masi catalogs in recent issue of book collector, yours truly duly honored – never could be another & greatly missed –

herein – you’ll find proverbial potpourri of pamphlets, a feast of creative categorization, hopefully something to pique or tantalize –

at your service –

cover: item 165


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Longer Days, Lower Taxes (?) & Pamphlets Aplenty! Catalog 239!

Click here to read Catalog 239

Catalog 239 – March, 2018
slept through super blue blood moon – patriots dropped the superbowl ball – stop & shop selling easter eggs – found christmas tree with edie at nearby hunting hills – they get smaller every year – erected & decorated serenaded by ronettes & roches – zach visited valley – christmas day woke to new deep snow – had to shower, shave & shovel while cooking pesto & bread pudding for italian-themed family event in natal village – braved local pre-plowed roads to head east to bare ground in middleboro – gathered in function room in club house at oak point 55+ community – now home to sister & husband – next generation now bringing babies – chatting & chowing & wining & yankee gift swap variation (brought usual, scored artisanal oil & vinegar) – yours truly headed west & zach back to philly – enough snow here for few days of cross-country skiing before ruined by rain – helluva cold spell around new year – eve spent with edie – papermania not too peopled – probably impacted by single-digit highs – four cords of wood now greatly reduced – life seasonally woodstove centric – last of apples gone to crisp – butternut squashes going to soup – potatoes all mashed or stewed – no shortage of onions – plowing through canned tomatoes & pickles & frozen pesto – alternating between local jogging circuits & swimming laps at hampshire athletic club in amherst –
next outing will be ephemera show in greenwich, connecticut, march 17-8, hyatt regency – theme is entertainment – springboard for some of our enclosed offerings – hopefully something of interest for you –
cover: item 50

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