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Catalog 253 – The Year After

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well, file disappeared with desktop hard drive sometime last fall – but last catalog was last september – so many changes in such a short time – virus did not disappear, but vaccine approved – first shot tomorrow – over half million deaths, but numbers decrease – world continues to shop online – besides occasional catalog, we have 20,000 listings on abebooks, alibris, amazon & biblio – number abetted in recent years by part-time cataloger listing used, academic titles – more time at packing table than cataloging – we elected 46, but ‘ism’ not taking it well, if at all – took it to court, took it to streets – furor of flags fanned by soon-to-be-former & monetized mad media – shortly after Georgia made Senate blue, capitol stormed by well documented angry assemblage – death, injury, destruction – second impeachment, second acquittal – history will judge, perhaps not soon enough – inauguration offered friendlier faces, some bright moments – meanwhile, back at hacienda, garden provided late corn crop, kale, collards, chard, broccoli rabe, salad greens, tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, butternut, hubbard squash – squashes gone, still potatoes, onions stored, canned, frozen veggies filling stewpot – finished stacking 4 cords firewood, 2 been burned – somewhere in there 2009 subaru outback developed chronic head gasket issue – driving 2015 outback – thought pandemic might provide time for project – built 4 new bookcases, started retro organizing old stock – work in progress – visited doctor son in corning in fall for biking, few hikes with new partner lauren – they visited valley – we hiked mt toby – small gathering holidays with Middleboro sector masis – cut, decorated christmas tree here with edie – brought in new year with her in Greenwich, ny – usual new England winter mix – few good stretches of good cross-country ski conditions – montague plains, Wendell state forest – rain overnight – swimming laps at Hampshire athletic club in between – book & paper fairs may return if enough get vaccinated – fall shows in planning – meanwhile finally managed to gather & describe enough recent acquisitions for catalog 253 – basic masi mix – many familiar categories, few odds’n’sods – eagle printing sold smaller presses – must work out few kinks with new printer –

we send with thanks for your past purchases, best regards for year ahead, with hopes you’ll be tempted but what’s within – at your service – peter

cover: item 51


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