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New Year, New Catalog! Here’s 219!

Just in! Catalog 219.
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well – heating season arrived with most of cord four unstacked – several carloads taxied to the front curb later – who knew – fans & screens closeted, humidifiers unplugged, chimney cleaned, woodstove fired, kitchen, dining table, workstation, easy chair within the warmth, short walk to bed & bath – fairly uneventful transition in a changed-climate way, some warm December days, rain, the faintest flurry, sandy a media event this far inland, looking out on a frosty morning as i compose – few trips to dole orchard for macintosh, northern spy, Cortland, red delicious, Baldwin apples – apple crisp a staple here – canned some tomatoes, dug the potatoes, only a few pumpkins, more butternut, buttercup & acorn squashes – stored in the cellar – 30-year old stove gave it up, new gas unit baptized – hit some flooding around NYC on way to Philadelphia for birthday dinner (28) with zach, Chinatown all blocked for some festival, finally connected for some Chinese, then to Allentown for paper show with cdv – Columbus day in Amesbury & visit to orchard with more cars than apples – pioneer valley show & Halloween took out October – over 400 trickortreaters in montague, pizza on front porch with neighbors – we had a national election, cause for some concern, even here in our bluest state where presidential outcomes are presumed, even for former governors, a significant senatorial contest, greatly relieved by results, but sad that we are split into such separate camps & not playing well together at all – put some effort into presentation at boston book print & ephemera show in new venue & had a very busy & satisfying show – quick visit to hynes Friday nite to say hey to abaa friends, dinner with finer & bolerium boys at nearby café jaffa – thanksgiving with many masis in Winchester – zach enjoying very challenging year, general surgery very demanding & must also obtain residency for next year, applying again for orthopedics, three interviews scheduled, hoping for more – meanwhile business beckoned & your favorite bookseller had to hunker down & catalog – these babies do not spontaneously generate – got stock to spare, just time in short supply – hoped to have this out before the holidays, but it’s looking tight with an option on forgetaboutit – herein a somewhat usual mix of masi categories, best of recent acquisitions – book call to old building in nearby turners falls offered some books with bookplates of eva le gallienne , local man’s mother an actress who cared for her in her old age, others with Berwick family plate, Berwick & Smith a parent company to norwood press – gotta get this to eagle, then get a new windshield to relieve my aged car of R sticker, rearrange my overbooked quarters for visits from zach on Friday after Albany interview & edie on Monday for early xmas party for two – maybe make a few wreaths, get out the ornaments, shop for a few things, cut a tree, mail a few cards – as always, please know this comes your way this my thanks for your patronage this year past & my sincere wishes to you for delightful holidays & a healthy & prosperous year ahead –
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