Catalog 262 – March, 2023 – dumpster-diving history’s scrapheap!



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well, file last updated February 2 – it’s march – binge-city here mostly inspired by need for fresh stock for Ephemera 43, March 18-19, hyatt regency, old Greenwich, CT – we’ll be in our usual space back of the bus – not much news besides forced marches at laptop – woodpiles continue to dwindle – down with cold last week – decent snowfall few days ago – few days cross-country in montague plains – it’s 40 today – less rain than threatened – maybe more snow tomorrow – herein more pamphlets, broadsides, few books – tackled few accumulated piles – atom bomb, atomic power, more from Connecticut lot, national parks – mixed with more usual fare – sent with  hopes you’ll be sufficiently amused to acquire –

at your service –


cover: item 37


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