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Catalog 261, February 2023: fresh stumbles through the scrapheap!

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well, file last updated November 2022 – it’s whole new year – garden under thin crusty snowcover – basic new England weather platter – maybe more rain than snow, but few modest snowfalls – enough for 2 installments of cross-country skiing – mostly montague plains – short commute – some serious temperature swings – coldest few to date on deck for the weekend – survived fall fairs and papermania in January – thanksgiving at sister’s in westwood – traditional Christmas tree cutting, decorating, gifting here with edie – Christmas day at brother’s in Amesbury – zach and lauren spent Christmas with her family then flew to Israel for five days, five more in morocco – woodstove-centric life here – probably burned through two of four cords – lapswimming at Hampshire athletic club snowless days – we’ll be selling at ephemera 43, march 18 & 19, hyatt regency, old Greenwich, ct – this year’s conference focus is travel – herein we’ve focused on accumulations of various aspects of travel – automotive, hotels, destinations, world fairs, menus, viewbooks – as well as much recently acquired ephemera relating to Connecticut – leavened with more usual fare – off to eagle for hard copies and PDF distribution – sent with best wishes for year ahead and hopes you’ll be sufficiently amused to acquire – cover item: 155 – at your service – peter


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