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Catalog 233: Back to School!

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well, this file last updated July 5, 2016 – perhaps a speed record – inspired by usual onslaught of bills to pay, imposing backlog of recent acquisitions, rapidly approaching show season which will benefit from fresh stock & impact catalog production – been spending some long days keyboarding away – garden report: high season for harvesting – snow peas, escarole, turnips come & gone – overplanting after various pestilences & infestations decimated some crops yielding overabundance of crookneck squash, zucchini, cucumbers – tomatoes getting blighted, but crop plentiful – enough for sandwiches, gazpacho, tomato-basil pasta sauce, 7 quarts canned so far – plenty of basil for pesto – romano beans, lettuce, arugula – onions pulled & cured – peppers producing – loads of chard, kale, collards – brassicas back after multi-year break & no sign of cabbage worms – picking broccoli – potato plants gradually clobbered by beetles, not sure what’s underground – small crop of eggplants, but insects winning that war – voles got most of the beets – small crop of carrots – looks like plenty of pumpkins, butternut & buttercup squash on the way – we’ve had very little rain & i’ve lugged many heavy buckets of water – zach in Washington d.c. for august at radiology program – your friendly bookseller turned 63 on the usual day – celebrated with edie – dinner at 111 in Greenwich – your friendly bookseller will have a booth at the Brooklyn antiquarian book fair, September 9-11, Brooklyn expo center & selected catalog stock with that in mind – visit us in booth 607 – some new & different categories – much ephemera – advertising, amusement parks, automotive travel, aviation, elections, humor, New York worlds fairs, hotels, New York city & state, ocean liners, publishing, radio, stock market, theater programs, plus other timely topics, gleanings from several recent hauls, more stock from the van norman book company, even some usual suspects – after Brooklyn, we’ll be at Allentown, October 1-2, pioneer valley show in Northampton, October 16, boston , October 29 – please visit – meanwhile, off to eagle printing with files in hopes of the usual rapid-fire turnover time – cover: item 391 – at your service, peter


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