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Catalog 250! Our Quarter-millennial effort!

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well, file last updated 10/19 – fast forward 4 months – hello 2020 – imagine – garden wrapped rapidly – modest crop butternut squash & hardy greens – squash, potato & onion stores, frozen & canned veggies inform menu – hello frosty nights & heating season – woodstove-centric life – firewood stacks much shortened – chimney required second cleaning – another record year for trick-or-treaters – apple season ran late & last apple crisp of cortlands just finished – spent November weekend visiting zach in corning exploring southern tier – few major food fest holidays – got slightly downsized precut Christmas tree with edie – last year’s cut-your-own place closed – days got shorter, now getting longer – few respectable snowstorms provided good cross-country ski conditions – been exploring nearby montague plains – zach visited early 2020 for few days – hiked Wendell state forest & skied plains – snow cover disappeared with recent rains – fall show season sidetracked catalog production – had not set aside material, but 250 bit of milestone, so scratched about & sifted through big backlog for suitable selections – enhanced usual oddments with some more special – filled regular page count – time to click ‘send’ – with best wishes for new year & hopes you’ll find items of interest – at your service –



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