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Catalog 256: Newish Year, Same Old Resolutions

well, file file last updated over 4 months ago – goodbye 2021, hello 2022 – thanks for buying there in former and best wishes for latter – greek letter variations promise a round of covid anniversaries – latest master of quick contagion – more positive tests – son and fiancée got breakout cases at corning restaurant celebrating his birthday – both mild – doctor quarantined – yours truly out and about – post office, Hampshire athletic club, stop and shop – three ‘live’ bookfairs, Allentown where more unvaccinated, fewer masked; masks required Boxboro; proof of vaccination required Northampton in December – November family wedding, ceremony outdoors, reception indoors – thanksgiving and Christmas at small family gatherings in Middleboro – usual early Christmas here with edie, cut, decorated tree, exchanged mostly edibles – zach and lauren here on stopover between visit to her parents and Vermont skiing – new years eve at edie’s – well, summer ran – garden hibernates – onions, potatoes, apples, 1 pumpkin persist – freezer pesto, pickled cucumbers, raspberry jam – got 4 cords stacked, half now gone way of woodstove –  mixed bag of weather, highs, lows, more rain than snow, cross-country skied maybe 3 days on barely adequate cover – conditions may improve overnight –  world continues to shop online – 20k plus listings on abe, alibris, amazon, biblio keep yours truly at packing table – taking time from catalog production – finally managed sufficient low spots from scrapheap of history to assemble motley masi mix 256 – here ‘tis – planning to show at ephemera 42, march 17-20, Greenwich, ct – resolve to produce pile of pamphlets and sordid printed paper prior – meanwhile, let’s get to work –

at your service – peter

cover: item 228


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