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Hello 2017! It’s Catalog 234!

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well, this file last updated September 6, 2016 – so much has happened – several seasons have arrived & departed – it’s a new year – belated annual thanks for your continued favor & sincere best wishes for the year ahead – while working catalog 233 dell laptop which ran windows XP expired depriving us of capacity to invoice from database – limped along through 4 shows (Brooklyn, Allentown, Northampton, boston) – bought new dell laptop in December – running windows 10, hobbling with access database with few broken features – new software on ‘to do’ list – advice welcome – gardens produced fairly prodigiously & wanted usual end of season attentions – canned many quarts of tomatoes – some with peppers & summer squash – put up pesto – froze some broccoli, beans, greens – fair crops of onions & potatoes which keep well – bumper crop of winter squashes, mostly butternut, which may be best – they have begun to go & prioritized for cooking & consumption – lotsa squash soup – apple crop affected by late frost & severe local drought – picked mcintoshes at Clarkdale in Greenfield in September & cortlands Columbus day with zach & masi clan & edie – he’s 3d year radiology resident, cooper university medical center, Camden – currently interviewing for fellowship to follow fourth year – overnited recently en route to Burlington, Vermont – our country had an election last November – shall we go there? – risk a canceled subscription? – the elephants in our national government? – we elected Donald trump as our president, a man who has never been elected to public office – some years ago some ‘upstate’ booksellers were helping me load my car & looked aghast – probably at a bumper sticker for john Kerry – I indicated it came with the Massachusetts license plate – we got the blue state blues – we’ve had a vocabulary workout – ‘presumptive’, ‘normalized’, ‘fascist’, ‘demagogue’, ‘populist’, ‘alt-right’ will no doubt be in any new dictionary – few new concepts to chew – ‘false equivalence’, ‘fake news’, ‘alternate facts’ – news has been non-stop befitting his prior media celebrity & daily dominates above the fold – I don’t tweet, but you can read them in the nyt – fodder abounds for our comedy industry & they’ve had to adapt somewhat given the extraordinary quality, but much has been noteworthy – got 3 cords of firewood stacked – woodstove season well underway & already burning last cord – decorated a Christmas tree with edie & exchanged usual comestibles & tokens – zach arrived Christmas eve & we celebrated with masi clan at sister’s in westwood – snow in short supply – got to Wendell state forest once to cross-country ski – skied day after Christmas at notchview in windsor – challenging conditions, but we managed a fine workout in the woods – new year’s eve with edie & hello 2017 – kicked off business with papermania – settled down to cataloging by the woodstove – herein a mere poke at backlog to list – somewhat spotty mixed bag – much of collection of catalogs of agricultural equipment & engines bought last summer – group of early ibm & Univac manuals from systems analyst found on trip to cape cod last September – paint chip cards & architectural pamphlets from late Robert levy sold at new England auction – loads of new cooking pamphlets, children’s books from stock of late bob Merriam of Conway, a variety of trade catalogs, some publishing ephemera, novelty advertising booklets – hopefully something of interest for you – at your service –


cover: item 389


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