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Making the world safe for democracy! Catalog 245 – World War I

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well, file last updated November 7 – it’s February 3, 2019 – super bowl’s on but business as usual chez masibook – holiday hurdles cleared – thanksgiving & Christmas with masi clan – xmas tree decorating & new year’s eve with edie – cut tree across river at somewhat overgrown farm tended by lonely geezer who went uber-chatty & had many trips to mass general for surgery to describe – it was a nice tree – brief visit from zach in between – hauled some firewood to second floor & climbed sugarloaf mountain – his fellowship in Gainesville ends june & he’s signed contract with Guthrie medical center in sayre, pa starting august – mixed bag of a winter – warm & wet or cold & dry – more rain than snow & only 2 days to cross-country ski – burning firewood at good clip – survived papermania & scrambling to issue catalogs prior to spring fair season –

well, herein you’ll find a special subject-oriented collection of pamphlets, books & ephemera relating to world war I – i’ve been segregating these items for many years – it seemed timely, but missed anniversary bandwagon – call it early for 200th anniversary – it’s diverse – much propaganda, mostly british to encourage American support – some pro-german, anti-war, pacifist – military aviation, engineering, medicine, paperwork – school & business participation – food – fiction, humor, juvenile, music, poetry, theatre – broadsides, letters, periodicals, postcards – American red cross, Y.M.C.A. & knights of Columbus services – mendicant veteran booklets – Belgium, France, Italy, Ireland, Romania, Russia, Serbia – much Massachusetts, bits from Connecticut, Georgia, maine, new Hampshire, new jersey, new York – nursing & women – economics, finance – armistice & League of Nations – have a look – at your service – peter

cover: item 131


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