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Summer Stock Part One! Catalog 236, July, 2017

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well, the seasons have shifted – heating season over, tho’ there’s been plenty of raw & rainy weather, with a few scorchers, just to be new England – no tornadoes or floods – firewood gone, snow tires off, shovel put away, fewer blankets, screens installed, fans running at times, fluctuations precipitating wardrobe changes, long & short pants & sleeves, a hoodie, windows & blinds up & down – had hoped for faster turnover, but . . . almost like work, at times – herewith second installment of 33-page format – in other major life change news, only planting 1 veggie plot this summer, forsaking ‘allotment’ at amethyst brook in Amherst & planting behind neighbor’s house just down the street – shorter commute, water access very welcome after last summer’s drought, easier to haul in manure from nearby farm, had to invest a bit in sturdier fencing, first effort too short & scaled by woodchucks & stepped over by deer, second of plastic mesh chewed through by critters & poles felled by visiting mower rider – hoping hefty t-bar poles & 48” welded wire may at least outlive my ability to haul & hoe – also working to improve soil in sector where it’s bit too heavy – brought in peat moss & composted leaves – it’s tilled, mostly planted, now – rhubarb planted few years back ready for ‘crisp’ or ‘crumble’, onions looking happy, bed of salad greens ‘bout good to go, peas climbing nicely, tomatoes have enjoyed few sunny days, peppers & eggplants lagging a bit but soldiering, weak results from carrot seed strips, beets bit better, turnips easy as ever – squashes & cucumbers just in & getting settled – potatoes are up – broccoli, brussells sprouts, kale, collards, bean seedlings just transplanted – only a few beds left to plant – zach took board exams in Chicago last week, won’t get results for a while, entered final year of radiology residency at cooper medical center in Camden, bikes to work from philadelphia – edie’s owl pen opened for season & her birthday duly doted – cleared the spring fair hurdles – well-attended SNEAB show in Lexington patriots day/easter weekend & Allentown paper fair – no shows now until papermania in august – Washington completely transitioned into riveting, expensive, ineffective, chaotic reality entertainment, only occasionally bumped from above fold – hard to imagine a full term of it, but possible to ponder even less palatable potentialities – herein another mixed bag of recent acquisitions – of which i could issue a serious series given longer days & perhaps some clerical assistance – usual large helping of cookery, bookish & publishing ephemera – of particular note is medical section which includes of first round of material bought from don brodeur of Connecticut, a customer during his years as pharmacist, later getting an advanced degree in experimental psychology & heading that department at sacred heart university in Fairfield – he collected pharmaceutical works, pharmacopoeias, dispensatories, some botanic medicine, homeopathy, phrenology – more to come – inquire for a complete list of his books – many odds’n’sods – hopefully something of interest for you – time to send files to eagle printing –

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