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Catalog 232: Summer stock!

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well, this file last updated  February, 2016 – it’s july 4th  – who pressed ‘fast forward’?  –  shows, some sneab stuff – passed gavel to duane stevens, stepped down to veep & designated committees chair – spring show scored attendance boost  from Lexington patriots day weekend crowds –  few appraisals, few major acquisitions opportunities, some of which herein,  life’s many minor agendas & distractions – season changed twice – bland winter gave it up for typical spring & hello summer, which has been more dry than hot in the pioneer valley – last summer’s produce reduced to onions, jar of pickled beets, few containers of pesto, corn, beans, greens in the freezer – new gardens well underway, wanting perhaps too much attention – all tilled & planted, much energy invested in amending depleted soil, hauling water from nearby brook at Amherst plot, squishing potato beetle larvae  – salad greens, radishes, snow peas, turnips already ready, much else coming along,  – rain would be most welcome –  zach begins 3d year of radiology residency at cooper university in Camden, new jersey – takes vacation time seriously – recently made trek up machu picchu – picked strawberries with edie few days back – enjoyed strawberry shortcake  – owl pen books, her shop, open for season – recent masi gatherings have celebrated a younger brother’s 60th birthday & coincided with another’s recovery from recent installation of pacemaker & new hip – there may be some writing on the wall here – upcoming shows: papermania, august 20-1, Hartford, Connecticut & Brooklyn antiquarian book fair, September 9-11 – herein you’ll find a hodgepodge of recent acquisitions – Americana deaccessioned from well-known university library, architecture from estate of former customer Robert levy being sold at new England book auctions, much cookery from several sources, many early American children’s books, including a large number of mcloughlin brothers publications from a collection sold at knotty pine in swanzey, new Hampshire, nineteenth century fiction, religion & odds’n’sods from Cheryl needle, much on women’s health acquired from university of Massachusetts professor bonnie Strickland, as well as miscellaneous material from recent shows, auctions & travels  – we hope you’ll find it of interest  –

at your service –  peter                                                                                               cover: item  74




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