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Catalog 251 . . . The Waiting Rooms . . .

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well, file last updated 2/4 – life is different – positive is bad and negative is good – social distance healthy, self quarantine & masked faces neighborly – toilet paper & sanitizers scarce – ditto pasta – vocabulary au courant: pandemic, epidemiologist, mitigation, containment, respirator, ventilator – school online, non-essential business closed – nearby stop & shop has not had line, but instituted one-way aisles – liquor store sign: redemption closed until further notice – where we redeem cans & bottles for deposit money – montague post office has duct tape dotted line six feet from counter & see-through sneeze screen – may miss lap swimming at Hampshire athletic club most of all – been jogging or biking daily for bit of sun, fresh air & exercise – boston a ‘hot spot’ thanks to biogen conference – two hours west things very different – not so disadvantaged by population density, but duly diligent – few nursing home outbreaks – Holyoke veterans home made the news – few observant groups gather on montague common daily – singing, stretching, safely socializing – usually active church & grange not so much – masis had zoom easter – new skill for yours truly – zach is three hours west of nyc – low population density, better air & respiratory health, surge-free so far – Guthrie eliminated non-essential procedures & interventional radiology largely idled – but more able to test now & starting to resume treatments – polarization might seem a plus but only gotten moreso & amplified to cop current buzzword & entertainment value dare-i-say trumped & field day for fakes & sending serious consequences – burned the last of 4 cords of firewood early april – weather’s continued cold, windy, raw – some blue skies but frosty nights – spring bulbs & flowering trees in bloom – few lingering snow flurries – eating Yukon gold potatoes from last summer, canned tomatoes, plenty of pesto from freezer – rototilled garden, planted peas, potatoes, mesclun mixes, carrots, beets, turnips, onions – early march nyc book fairs proved to be swan song for show scene – all since canceled – future’s bewildering blank at moment – summer & fall calendars populated with some annual events – all subject to change – meanwhile there’s plenty here to catalog & managed to motivate & assemble what follows – pamphlet parade primarily – many usual subject suspects – few quirks & outliers – sent with my best wishes for your wellness & hopes for continued collaborations – at your service – peter

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