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Watch Your Step! Catalog 249

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well, file last updated 7/17 – fast forward 2 months – hair returns – days diminish – weather variety pack – sunny & warm today – some cool nights, but no frost yet – 4 cords wood stacked – some twice after stack toppled – none burned yet – usual high adventure in garden – peppers & eggplants failed to thrive – good crop romano beans – enough basil for plenty pesto – zucchini, crookneck squash & cucumbers rocked some then caved to powdery mildew – escarole behaved well – tomatoes sported two blights – sad to watch – crop sufficient for favorites – sandwich, fresh salsa, gazpacho, tomato-basil sauce, cherry tomatoes for salads – fruit developed black bruising – pared & stewed & canned – kept beds of salad greens going – dug decent crop Yukon gold potatoes – kale, chard, collards persevere – picked blueberries few times at kenburn on Mohawk trail – macintoshes at clarkdale in greenfield – zach’s begun interventional radiology work at Guthrie medical in sayre, pa – initial reports very positive – celebrated 66th with edie at great wall restaurant in Florence – august papermania here & gone & fall shows approach – recent efforts mostly pamphlets – meanwhile books abounded – herein focus on books – mixed bag of recent acquisitions – usual & some creative categories – largest gathering from university of Massachusetts professor Harold mosher – architecture, landscape design, many of his from landscape architect paul whitney rhoades – at your service –



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