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Pioneer Valley Book & Ephemera Fair!

Peter L. Masi – books will be selling in his usual spot in the far corner of the Pioneer Valley Book & Ephemera Fair, this Sunday, October 14, 10 am – 4 pm, Smith Vocational School, 80 Locust Street (Rt 9) in deliciously decadent Northampton, Massachusetts.
I along with some 70 fellow dealers will be offering old & collectible books, pamphlets, broadsides, catalogs, manuscripts, photographs, postcards, any sort of paper ephemera.
You’re invited!
Click here for website & coupon to save a dollar off admission cost.


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Catalog 218 – Our belated back-to-school essay!

Click here to read catalog.
well – true to the proverb, summer ran & walking winter awaits – 3 of 4 new cords of firewood stacked – may finish stacking before heating season – summer seemed to be absent any spate of intense heat – think we did not hit triple thermometer digits here – long dry spell – some rain of late & cooler nights – good early crops of onions, greens, peas – business beckoned & further planting delayed until weeds were tall enough to warrant a second tilling – now split between plot a in Amherst & plot b in a neighbor’s backyard down the street – put down many bales of hay for weed control – started lots of seeds here, squashes, cucumbers, brassicas, basil, beans – bought tomato, pepper eggplant –had to replant some which did not seem to take to the chicken compost – perhaps a trifle strong – things came on pretty well & had loads of chard, kale, lettuce – then the potato beetles discovered the eggplants – usual battles – lots of picking & squishing – lost some squash plants to stem borers, green stink bugs everywhere, bean beetles by the bushel, cucumber beetles, cabbage worms wiped out the broccoli, then you got your various blights, mildews – it’s a wonder, but the plants struggle & produce, often looking pathetic by picking time – but enjoyed corn, small crops of beets, carrots, now overwhelming quantities of zucchini, crookneck squash, cucumbers & enough tomatoes for seasonal favorites, fresh salsa, gazpacho, tomato-basil pasta sauce, tomato sandwich – eggplants rallied & starting to produce – plots dotted with acorn, butternut & buttercup squash, pumpkins – freezer filling with pesto, corn, beans – won’t starve, but business beckons – turned 59 early august – will enjoy final year of not being 60 – birthday dinner with edie at bistro les gras in Northampton – booth at papermania enjoyed gratuitous expansion due to dealer attrition – usual cdv encampments – zach began his surgery residency at temple university with 5 weeks in the emergency room – lots of gunshot wounds, rapes, substance abuse – very educational – followed by a month in orthopedics, then transplants – enjoying room in Chinatown – stopped by for dinner on trip to Wilmington to retrieve hagley deaccessions – bookseller’s exercise routines disturbed by sciatica, probably resulting from too much turning over soil & hauling water – we’ll be setting up soon at Allentown paper show, October 6 & 7, Allentown fairgrounds, Allentown, pa – pioneer valley book & ephemera fair, October 14, smith vocational school, Northampton, ma, sponsored by mariab & boston book, print & ephemera show, November 17, back bay events center, boston – happy to encounter you at any or all, let me know if you need details – finally bore down on this one – lots of some things & less of others – architecture, automobile travel, cooking, early American children’s books, Massachusetts, medicine, textiles in atttendance – a tiny dent in the backlog of recent acquisitions, selected for various campaigns or prejudices – much more awaits & more seems to arrive daily – hopefully just the thing you seek –

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