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Gerhard & Kathryn Gerlach collection

Painted sign

Painted sign

Gerhard Gerlach was born Germany, 1907, trained as bookbinder with Ignatz Wiemeler, State Academy of Graphic Arts, Leipzig, married fellow student, American Kathryn Edwards, emigrated to New York, 1934. They operated a binding workshop in New York City, then Chappaqua, New York, finally moving to Shaftsbury, Vermont in the 1960s. They bound limited editions for many fine presses; their work was included in many exhibitions of notable bindings. Their circle of friends included Frederic Goudy, Melbert Cary, Jr, Valenti Angelo, Fritz Kredel, Joseph Blumenthal, Rudolph Ruzicka, Harrison Elliott. Their daughter, Kathy Link wishes to sell the material gathered in Shaftsbury, including bindings, sketches, photographs, correspondence, many private press books & books about books.

Gerlach bindings include about 20 examples in leather, gold tooled, most in slipcase or clamshell box, some bound while in Germany, mock-ups of bindings, a few dozen ordinary books rebound in half-leather or cloth with leather spine labels, as well as a set of the 11th edition Encyclopedia Britannica in original wooden case.

Bindings for Dard Hunter titles:

Custom photo albums, house-guest book, blank album, a bookbinding kit:

Correspondence with Wallace Stevens regarding binding work for him includes 8 signed letters on Stevens’ business letterhead, letters from his daughter, copies of their replies.

The collection includes much archival material. There are several hundred pencil drawings of bindings, lettering, decorations, color studies of bindings. A leather-bound scrapbook & clamshell box contain professional photographs of bindings, workshop, Gerhard Gerlach at work, exhibitions of bindings. Four bankers boxes (over 5 linear feet) contain professional correspondence, business receipts, photographs, clippings, Christmas cards from presses & illustrators & other relevant ephemera.

Several hundred other books include Ruzicka, Studies in Type Design, 1968; Zapf, Feder & Stichel, 1950, 170/500; Kinder, Formulas for Bookbinders, Roycroft, 1905; extensive runs of Keepsakes & Chapbooks from the Typophiles & American Institute of Graphic Arts; 1939 New York World’s Fair tunnel peep-show & Westinghouse Time Capsule Book of Record, 1938; Arthur Miller, After the Fall, signed, limited; several dozen books written, printed or illustrated by Valenti Angelo, most with signed inscriptions, including: Persian Fairy Tales, 1939, Relation Alvar Nunez Cabeca de Vaca, Grabhorn, 1929, Jastrow, Gentle Cynic, Grabhorn, 1921, Blake, Cradle Song, 1949, Steinbeck, East of Eden, Chapter Thirty-four, 1952, Keats, Ode, 1952, Saroyan, Fiscal Hoboes, 1949; many Press of the Woolly Whale imprints: Kredel, Schnitzelbank (2 copies, 1 in plastic binding), 1938, Holmes, Prayer for Wedding, 1938, Cary, Estivation of Two Mao Tzu, 1935 & War Cards, 1937, Lippmann, Scholar in Troubled World, 1932; many from Frederick & Bertha Goudy & Village Press: Half-century of Type Design, 1946, Gaudeamus Goudy, Distaff Side, 1939, Specimen of Types since 1932, Types & Type Design, 1936, Bertha Goudy, First Lady of Printing, 1958, Beilson, Story of Frederic Goudy, 1939, AIGA Village Press Retrospective, 1933, Bookmaking on Distaff Side, 65/100; Herbert & Peter Fahey, Parchment & Vellum, 1940, 50 copies; John Donne, Prayer, Banyan, 1947, 63/120; Gillian Haven, Pandora, Wanderer & Flood, Isis Press, 1982, 1976, 1977; Tate, Fragment of a Meditation, Cummington Press, 1947; Lorca, Romance de la Guardia Civil Espanola, Janus, 1974, 19/300; Rogers, Portfolio of Fine Book Pages, Mergenthaler, 1928, 879/925; Japan Paper Company, Printing Papers & other promotional samples; other similar titles. Many of the books have signed inscriptions to the Gerlachs, programs, menus, presentation letters & other ephemera inserted.


The stone mill in Shaftsbury, Vermont is also available. Please inquire if interested.


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