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if you lived here . . .

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cover: item 46
eek! & omg – this file last updated June 23! – heating season had ended – it’s back – head was shaved – got hair – basic functions center about woodstove – ground is hard – had a warning-shot of snow – crops done – eaten, stored – usual crapshoot – several unwelcome gluttonous insects absent – hardly a potato beetle, bean beetle, corn borer or stink bug – others arrived – onions bit small – got weedy toward end – good Yukon gold potato crop – snap peas aplenty, pods did poorly – tomato plants looked weak but produced – enjoyed usual fresh summer fare – tomato sandwich, tomato basil sauce, gazpacho – canned many quarts – ‘nuff corn to consume & freeze – cucumbers to eat & pickle – eggplants struggled – sufficed for round of ratatouille, pot of parmesan, stir fry – pendulous & pointed green peppers outperforming bell peppers – jalapenos picked when frost predicted – used neighbor’s dehydrator – got half a peck in a baggie – pole beans got tall, taller, turned & headed south – produced prodigiously – freezer full – pack of seeds produced big beds of basil – lotsa frozen pesto – brassicas & squashes still challenged – cabbage moths conspired with deer & later a bear down the street – collards & kale not preferred – pot of kale soup bout gone – got ‘nuff zucchini & crooknecks for few dishes, few bushels of butternut before plants surrendered to bugs & fungi – picked blueberries few times at river valley farm in whately – few trips to dole orchards for apples – with friends & family for usual Columbus day gathering in montague – mackintosh, courtland, northern spy for crisp – red delicious for snacks – your friendly bookseller turned sixty this summer – observed with family & edie – participated in papermania late august, Boxboro in September, Allentown & Northampton in October, boston in November – zach enjoying break from medicine – clerking at 10th st hardware in Philadelphia – begins a radiology residency next summer – acquisitions have been overwhelming – few trips to vintage books in Hopkinton for shutdown sale – few carloads from barn in montague – small library from university of Massachusetts professor Vincent dethier – auction lots, picks from shows – we want discipline in this – also need to produce catalogs with greater regularity – a regular new year resolution – but here we go – another mixed bag –

since holidays & new year approach, please accept our best wishes for both & thanks for your considerations –

at your service – peter


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