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Catalog 230, February 2016

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well, this file last updated October 2015 – it’s mid-winter, it’s a new year – another dropped ball along the road of intentions, as the usual opportunity to wish all happy holidays & prosperous year ahead must be belated, but heartfelt, as always, & with thanks for your continued patronage – gardens gone bye, ground frozen, though only recently – potatoes, onions, hubbard, butternut & buttercup squash & red delicious apples persevere, tomatoes canned with peppers & summer squashes, beets pickled, corn, beans, greens & pesto frozen – much of life conducted in fairly close proximity to the woodstove – dining/work table, laptop, reading chair – temperature drops towards kitchen, bedroom, bathroom – fall memories already fade – set up shop in Allentown, bi-annual dinner in Philadelphia with zach – very happy camper in 2d year of radiology residency at cooper university medical center in Camden, nj – hosted masi clan on Columbus day – picked Cortland apples at Clarkdale fruit farm in Greenfield – set up shop in Northampton at pioneer valley show – masi thanksgiving in westwood – Northampton book arts fair at smith college – Christmas trees on taylor hill totally over the hill – edie & moi hit Mohawk trail & purchased lovely pre-cut & decorated & celebrated – Christmas eve got brother from Middleboro, visited mother’s sister winifred at mount st rita health club in Cumberland ri, dinner at lorenzo’s, walking tour of natal village, Christmas day with family in Winchester – new year’s eve in Greenwich with edie – dinner & video – hello 2016 – off to papermania in Hartford this past weekend to kick-off business for another year – herein a very mixed bag of recent buys & don’t think i’ve ever had more on deck – catholic & irish titles withdrawn from holy cross college, much mid-western-iana – Abraham Lincoln & lotsa poultry – from several partners in paper sales of stock of van norman book company from Illinois – material acquired at Allentown & other shows & auctions – many things for some people –

with our sincere hopes you’ll find your reading productive & thanks for your consideration –

at your service –


cover: item 477


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