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Catalog 216 – March, 2012

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well – several cords of wood later – weather is a regular topic of lockerroom & hottub chat here in new England – mark twain’s bit about the man who traveled the world collecting weather types then spent an afternoon here comes to mind – it’s often ‘if you like it, just wait a minute’ – of late the extremes seems to be ramping up a trifle – we had more snow last October than any month since – maybe the whole bunch – managed 2 consecutive trips to Wendell state forest in late January – otherwise the skis have been on stand-by – northfield mountain has not opened at all – notchview in Windsor & prospect mountain in woodford Vermont in the hills & mountains west of here have had spotty seasons & i have not had the leisure – it rains, the ground is bare – a season of biking & jogging over taylor hill in the cold – miles in the pool at Hampshire athletic club – many seem to have written off winter – will it have the last laugh? – life continues within a minor hub defined by the woodstove – heat can be such a magnet – bed to kitchen to dining table to work station to reading chair all with a few steps – got a a few week’s wood on the side porch, perhaps bit more than another carload out back – may last til the end of march – the last of the apples – macouns kept best – baked in a crisp with cranberries & walnuts – the butternut squash all started showing spots simultaneously – pared & cooked – might be 20 lbs Yukon gold potatoes on deck – canned tomatoes went quickly & corn, beans, greens from the freezer bulking out winter chili & stew – plenty of pesto awaits – 215 hit the streets mid-december – pretty tight to the holidays – made life extra hectic – made wreaths for the public side of the house, went with edie for a ten buck tree top of taylor hill, got ‘er up & decorated (the tree) – zach rolled into the area – we got my brother from Middleboro & headed to Cumberland, ri & franklin, ma to visit relatives on the irish & Italian sides, xmas eve dinner at lorenzo’s, stroll about the natal village, off to masi gathering in Winchester – brought a bread pudding – gift swap expanded to zach & grown cousins, my usual sack of comestibles & potables upstaged by flying machines & shiny toys – new year’s eve & day did party scene with edie in Greenwich, ny & thereabouts – hello 2012 – papermania in Hartford – an’ how about that next catalog – which after 215 have yet to learn to self-produce – deep & diverse online resources making for interesting investigations, certainly not speeding the process – mariab mired in renewals, herding the unherdable – met Tuesday at the commonwealth museum in boston – home of the state archive – handed the mariab gavel to our new president, tom nealon of pazzo books in west Roxbury – i stayed on as veep to keep ‘er doin’ – zach had 5 interviews for residency in orthopedic surgery – erie, pittsburg, long island, Philadelphia, Monmouth, nj – now awaits match day with hopes of good news for his next 5 years, finished rotations at Monmouth, then assisted anatomy course at Drexel, will do few weeks of research & head to Israel & Egypt for 6 weeks, return to become m.d. & hopefully begin a residency – looking ahead, ‘we’ will exhibit at the Allentown paper show april 28-9 & mariab sponsored boston book, paper & photo expo & sale may 5 in Wilmington & ticknor society bookseller showcase june 9, Sheraton commander hotel, Cambridge – happy to see you & provide more information – herein you’ll note several pages of African-americana – discards from library of scholar August meier from university of Massachusetts – much of the usual arcane & eclectic, sprinkled with selections from stashes intended for specialized productions which began to appear suicidal from business aspect – literature, travel, world war, Williams college – of which there is much in reserve to spice future offerings – your attention & selections received with gratitude . . .

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