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well, this file last updated February 26 – it’s july 7 – gulp! – so much for ‘smaller, more often’ strategy – we leapfrogged spring into summer – spring was cool – heating season extended through all but few scraps from 4 cords of wood – show season kicked it – Greenwich, then Allentown, then Lexington – southern new England antiquarian booksellers gets high-maintenance in spring with renewals & producing & distributing new directory – working with longtime friend & customer Charles Rosenberg who’s just relocated & used opportunity to radically downsize a lifetime of books – storage unit acquired after closure of American textile history museum now full to bursting – have had neighbor who suffers ‘pots’ syndrome working few hours a week cataloging used & scholarly books from various sources & selling those online – last summer’s fare ‘bout history – few onions left, half-jar pickles, container of pesto in freezer, some raspberry preserves – garden tilled & mostly planted & already producing – rhubarb well established, first bed of salad greens gone, second coming along – rapini rapid & prolific, battling hungry deer over snow peas, beet & other greens – animal repellent spray on what’s not eaten – chard, kale, collards ready to pick, beans in flower, onions, carrots, corn, squashes, cucumbers, peppers, potatoes coming along, broccoli showing signs of cabbage worm damage, eggplant battling flea beetles, tomato already showing signs of some blight – always an adventure – just had blistering heat wave – days well into 90s, nights in 80s, high humidity – few good storms came through & air is bit cooler & drier now – good strawberry season – picked several times at warner farm in sunderland – brought swordfish, montague asparagus, wine & rhubarb crisp to edie’s for her latest birthday – her owl pen books in Greenwich (NY) open for summer – zach in process of relocating to Gainesville for fellowship in interventional radiology at the university of florida health center – flew down for orientation & few days of work last week, flew back to break camp in Philadelphia this weekend, then driving south – more sad news in the antiquarian book trade – bill reese died after a battle with cancer – i met him shortly after starting my business & while we were at opposite ends of the price spectrum, i had occasional encounters & deals & always found him genial, astute, informed, an admirable gentleman in every way – herein – you’ll find yet another gathering of odds’n sods, mostly pamphlets, some books, more of this, less of that for various reasons, but there’s more, too much more & hopefully a shorter interval before the next catalog –

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