Catalog 244: The arts of napping & dyeing, anatomy of melancholy, insanity as a defense . . . dictionaries, encyclopedias . . .from the Bowery to Bellevue . . .

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well, file last updated September 21 – it’s November 7 – morning after midterm – bit of blue above the fold & even in sky – damage control new progressive agenda & house offers firewall – ultra-liberal chez moi hardly heartened – big red bible-bucks-guns-white-belt with bully pulpit & mega-amplifiers dosing daily with obscene values & vicious accomplishments & mendacious messaging – ouch – on other fronts – montague’s monster halowe’en another 5-ring fest – hundreds of trick-or-treaters – ninja turtles, spidermen, unicorns, rubic cubes, screams, suffragettes, rosie the riveters, tacos, hot dogs, harry potters & pop culture icons off my myopic grid – usual gathering of neighbors on my front-row-seat porch for guacamole, chili, cornbread, beer – handing out candy, candy & more candy – kale & collards still viable last garden visit – planted garlic for first time – picked macintoshes in September, cortlands in October – stacked firewood cords 3 & 4 & heating season here – unwelcome weather operative for new England has been ‘wet’ or ‘rain’ to put it in 4 letters – completely counterindicated for one with allergies & building full of absorbent paper – wellies & ems rain jacket workin’ hard – zach provides enviable images from Gainesville – zone 9 – enjoying life & interventional radiology fellowship & looking ahead – senior citizenry constant companion since our latest birthday – more pills, less energy – acquired partlypreventive/partly therapeutic back brace & apply liberally – regular bending & heavy lifting in antiquarian book trade – driving newer vehicle compliments of perennial summer camper cdv with nod to Benjamin franklin – retired 2000 subaru legacy approaching 280,000 miles & rusting body for relative luxury of 2009 with 103,000 – survived Allentown & Northampton shows – boston book fair likely come & gone when this you read – time to celebrate annual owl pen books closure with edie – then the holidays & hello 2019 before you know it –

well, herein you’ll find an irregular masi assortment – recent pamphlet orgies enhanced setting stuff aside for projects which never materialize habit – books, big books, big sets of big books set aside, brought to storage unit, blocking traffic – tackle time – something about sources – now defunct American textile history museum – acquired what not placed in institutions – textiles, dyeing, printing, water power – essex county & nearby history – their reference collection – latter only pencil marked (‘Trace’, ‘Morrill’, ‘found on door step, 1972’) – encyclopedias, dictionaries – multiple Britannica editions (1,3,4,8,9,11), Americana, International, OED’s, Webster, Appleton, DAB – some good-to-go, some with bad leather & broken bindings – lot price on request – several hagley museum deaccessions – du pont family – expositions – technology – Kentucky-born, Alabama-raised umass professor bonnie Strickland – civil war – women’s health – peripatetic academic Charles rosenberg’s downsizing – medicine, mental health – smaller lots dating back a decade, auction & show acquisitions – foreign languages boldly lifted from internet – physical descriptions & occasional note on content – hopefully enough to interest with minimal misstatement risk – indicated repairs by john nove grey seal bindery – hopefully something will appeal – at your service –

with our thanks & best wishes to all for holidays & coming year, peter


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