we can all use a laugh . . .

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well, time marches on – file last updated February 23, 2014 – heating season ended – winter cold went few extra innings – firewood finished, furnace kicked on for week or two – now 3 new cords stacked & fourth awaits – freezer emptied & last year’s tomatoes consumed – still some pickles – plots tilled back in april – potatoes, onions, greens, peas planted – various distractions allowed weeds to get some traction – gradually given over to tomatoes, corn, peppers, eggplants, cucumbers, squashes, beans, beets, carrots, escarole, collards, chard, basil – some fare well, some flounder & fail – potato beetles back, eating eggplant too – deer discovered peas – usual stuff – too tired to bike or swim after few hours planting, lugging water or weeding – set up at ephemera society show in march, Allentown pa + wilmington ma in may, concord nh in june – next show august papermania in Hartford – few family graduations this spring, 1 high school, 1 college – zach ended his year at 10th st hardware in Philadelphia, visited the valley prefatory to beginning residency in radiology at cooper university medical center across the Delaware river in Camden nj – initial reports on that very promising – mariab has morphed, reborn as sneab – southern new England antiquarian booksellers – we now include Connecticut – yours truly prime mover + now first president – many hurdles cleared + rollout short of disastrous – we seem to be on our feet – met with Connecticut dealers at mark twain house in Hartford in june – acting as broker for books + archival materials from noted bookbinders Gerhard & katharyn gerlach of shaftsbury Vermont – the mill where they worked also available – this effort too long in production – must renew vow to accelerate – tackled many books from late university of Massachusetts professor Vincent dethier – entomology, natural science, ornithology, some Americana – plus varia selected from shelves & boxes of books + ephemera about – some for so long i cannot recall when or where acquired – much more on deck, several interesting collections – time is the commodity in short supply – but we’ll send this to eagle + visit edie in Greenwich ny + hope to send this to you soon after – with hopes you will find something of interest –


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